Faraz Production

Faraz Production


The Faraz Playground® is made from premier quality materials, including damage proof leather

and steel for maximum structural support. The playground brings countless hours of excitement

but most importantly it provides a healthy workout for children, with a wide range of full body   

exercises, all while having FUN!                                                                                                               




Playful exercises within the playground include: a full length ball zone, large trampoline area,

complete LED lighting, climbing ramps, custom slides and a wide range of sports (basketball,  

soccer, etc.). The Faraz Trampoline® is a handmade, fully steel structure that can support chil-

 dren and teenagers up to 200kg in weight.                                                                                         

All of the materials and objects used to build the Faraz Playground® are of the upmost quality,

providing a safe and sanitary environment for children to play inside.                                            






 The Faraz Trampoline® is the newest and most innovative product for children and adults of all

ages. A fully customizable trampoline area can be designed for use of all types. While inside the

trampoline arena, users can play sports, jump with friends and have fun for hours.                       





The Faraz Adventure Park® is a place which can contain a wide variety of features, such as rope

climbing exercises, obstacle courses and zip-lines.  The safety equipment for each participant

consists of a harness, a lanyard, a helmet and a steel belay system.                                             



  NO.601 After the first Sadeghiyeh Sq. Sattarkhan St. Tehran, Iran




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Faraz Production
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